In this  five minutes’ read, I’ll be introducing you all into hard facts why you may seem to be in a turbulent relationship. However, being optimistic is key to progress and rest assured that my therapy would grant you the attention you desperately need!

Men appear to portray “reliefs” when it comes to emotions and relationships but the big question is, do they really exhibit such sentimental alterations naturally? I guess most of us would say, they do, but meanwhile, it’s important to acknowledge certain facts about love and relationships. 

In love, we can always fantasize with a greater essence of belonging but at a given point in that journey, we feel it’s been a total waste of time; especially when we can’t get the growing attention we need and as a result, we’re often prunned to feel cheated.

Now, however hurting it is to accept truths about our relationships, it’s not as hurting, to realize those things we failed to do. As much as we have our urges and requirements, if we start by paying attention to the things men like, take part in the things and projects they engage on, propose alternatives when they seem stuck, if you have to refute to an idea of his, you can start by accepting it first and suggest an alternative in the most convincing manner that would delete the idea you would have openly refuted.

I know most of us would think it’s a means to enslave women and make them subject to men’s prejudice but no. Men love and pay attention to women who support their ideas, who don’t compete in authority and who would take their ideas and better them with their nicely presented suggestions. Just so you know, men would always handle sensible dialogs than argue over what might be true and best.

Following a man in his delusional dreams isn’t servility but a path, to getting the attention you need from him. Men will always want to see that similarity in their relationships and once they have that, they’ll pay keeness to the desires you display and most times, you wouldn’t have to say it. Just in a glance, he’ll know what you mean. 

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Conrad Ekeke.